Celebrating our students

August 18, 2023  
Ms Geneva Clayton - Head of Junior School

Our students relished the opportunity to showcase their learning last week. The student led conferences provide the unique opportunity to place our students at the centre of our conversations where they articulate their growth, success and future goals.

This empowering opportunity allows students to reflect on, analyse their learning progress and welcome their parents and teachers to help form important goals for the remainder of the year. Thank you for your attendance and encouragement of your children. We are very proud about the insight that they have about themselves and personalised goals they have developed. A thank you to our teachers who worked hard to prepare our students to ensure successful and positive conversations.

From Kindergarten right through to Year 6, our students are in the midst of a busy term of learning. The levels of interest and engagement is obvious as you move around the School. Our Units of Inquiry ensure deep, meaningful learning where every student has the opportunity to delve into important content through connected concepts. Our specialist offerings continue to provide the rich addition to the Junior School programme and students enter daily lessons that have been carefully designed.

100 days of Kindergarten is always a significant milestone. We are so proud of the progress of our youngest students in the Junior School who celebrated this time in their first year at school. Thank you to our Kindergarten teachers who are so proud of the progress they have made.

The Reading Project in the Junior School is now over half way through implementation and we are pleased to share that the insights we have gained continue to enhance our programmes. With the shift across Australia to implement the new English and Mathematics syllabus, we are delighted with the progress we have made, confident that our personalised pathways provide the tailored learning experience that we are committed to.


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