Co-curricular – Science and Engineering

August 18, 2023  
Mrs Naomi Sullivan - Deputy Head of Senior School

Each Tuesday during period 5, our Science and Engineering group come together to engage with interesting, hands-on science projects under the guidance of one of our Science specialists, Mrs Fiona Neal. Activities including designing catapults, building a bionic hand and building a hovercraft or bridge are just some of the projects that the students will take on. The Science and Engineering co-curricular group helps students to prepare for the Science and Engineering Challenge held annually at the University of Wollongong and is also a fantastic opportunity for students who have a passion for STEM to extend their knowledge and skills.

A number of our Science and Engineering students share their experience in this exciting new co-curricular activity:


What is involved in Science and Engineering?

 “It’s all about being creative and using intuitive thinking to find creative ways of doing things.” – Apollo Karakaidos

“In Science and Engineering, we undertake a range of small engineering projects designed to make us think scientifically about how to achieve the task that we have been allocated.” – Samarth Sirohi

“In Science and Engineering we design, build and test different inventions.” – Lachlan Lalor

“We create and design objects and things that can be used for everyday function.” – James Meades


What are some of the projects or challenges you have taken on in Science and Engineering?

 “In Science and Engineering we have made catapults which we tested on distance and accuracy and a bionic hand which we tested with a variety of gestures.” – Cohen Sanders

“So far we have designed a bionic hand using ordinary materials. The hand can grip and pick up most medium-sized things. On top of this we also created a catapult using skewers and elastic bands.” – James Meades


What’s one new or interesting thing you have learnt in Science and Engineering?

 “I have learnt how to engineer a catapult” – Antonio Eusebio

“The physics behind how catapults work. For example, the more elastic bands used, the longer the distance the catapult shoots a ball.” – Lachlan Lalor

“I have learnt that gravity greatly affects the momentum and distance at which airborne objects can fly.” – James Meades

“I have learnt how to make a catapult, and the fake hand challenge is quite interesting as well.” – Otis Talbot


What would you say to someone who is interested in giving Science and Engineering a try?

 “It is fun, and it helps improve your skills in engineering and building.” – Otis Talbot

“Science and Engineering is definitely worth a shot. You get to learn new things and design objects, having fun while doing it.” – James Meades

“Science and Engineering is a fun way to express your creativity and learn to make cool scientific things. Overall, this co-curricular is very fun.” – Lachlan Lalor

“Science and Engineering allows you to design something to complete the challenge while being able to create and express yourself.” – Cohen Sanders

“If someone is interested in giving Science and Engineering a try, I would say go for it! It’s a great opportunity to apply and possibly extend scientific knowledge and understanding in a fun and supportive environment. I would encourage anyone interested to give it a try.” – Samarth Sirohi

“Give it a try, it is very fun and allows you to use all of your brain to critically think.” – Apollo Karakaidos


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