Building Relationships are the Foundation to our Learning

November 20, 2020  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Taesha Duley-Smith

Term IV is generally the part of the School year when children’s appetite for learning, growth, discovery and challenges increases. This is because the children feel secure in their familiar school environment and have developed genuine, meaningful connections with both their educators and peers.

Developing a child’s sense of security and trust comes from the many connections that exist between both parents and educators as we work collaboratively through sharing each child’s individual learning journey. Research shows that children who have strong community connections and supportive people in their lives, in addition to their parents and families are far more likely to do better later in life both socially and emotionally.

At TIGS Prep, we believe in building the children’s social learning as a key aspect of the early year’s programme. These are important years as it is the first time that children develop independent relationships with others that extend beyond their immediate family environment. In every provocation set up each week by the educators, there is an emphasis on building and sustaining relationships, both with peers and adults. It is these social interactions with others which makes learning meaningful, rich and varied and underpins the foundations to quality early learning education.

The teaching teams in each classroom set up an array of experiences relating to provocations which have been sparked by the children’s interests to ensure that each classroom has inviting spaces, rich in sensory opportunities. This is evident each day as we observe the children as they arrive in their classrooms every morning to see them drawn like magnets to whatever captures their attention, as they engage with the experiences, or create images which spring from their imaginations, interact and play together with their peers, so their potential for learning expands exponentially.

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