Archbishop’s Prefects’ Commissioning Service

February 15, 2024  
Rev. Dave Binggeli - Chaplain

On Thursday 8 February, Prefects from over 30 Anglican Schools gathered in the heart of Sydney – St Andrew’s Cathedral – to be commissioned in their roles as leaders “in the good order and conduct of [their] schools”.

It was a moving moment: the Cathedral was packed with hundreds of aspiring leaders, and with that, an optimistic energy filled the space. And these young hearts and minds were all given the opportunity to grapple with the reality that the heart of leadership isn’t the honour that can come with the privilege; the heart of leadership is humility. Or according to the Epistle to the Philippians, “not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others”.

Having let this reality settle on their hearts, all students were standing when they were asked by The Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel, Archbishop of Sydney, “Will you do your utmost to serve your school by the leadership you exercise and the example you set in study, co-curricular, the wider community and personal conduct?” And the student leaders responded, with one voice, “I will”.

On the bus back to School, I asked a few of our leaders what they found most beneficial about the occasion. Here are their responses:

  • “Hearing from the Archbishop what it really means to lead.” – Joel Turner, Chapel Prefect.
  • “Meeting others from other schools in similar positions and learning from somebody experienced in leadership.”– Mia Parker, School Captain.
  • “Spending time with other leaders from other schools.” – Eloisa Tresidder, House Vice-Captain.

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