A Final Farewell

December 8, 2023  
Mrs Judi Nealy - Principal

Earlier in the year a kindergarten student named Tommy said to me:

“I know you, my mum says you’re tiring….”

I think he meant retiring, at least that’s what his mum tells me that she said!  

 This interaction, and there have been thousands more, sum up for me why my career has been forged in education. With children and young people in schools and particularly in Christian Prep to 12 Schools. For me interactions like this are just pure joy! They are why I make sure I spend some time with students every day and have tried very hard to not just be an administrator. They are why I usually laugh every day at work, they are what I treasure the most and they are what I will miss the most!

 I have worked in preschool’s, public school’s, primary school’s and Prep to 12 School’s. Each school I have loved, but I have never worked in a school like ours. The sense of unity and belonging to something bigger is engrained at TIGS. It has been my privilege to be connected with and a representative of TIGS. The regard with which our School is held in the Illawarra, the impact we have, and the relationships and culture of real connection is unique and special and something that I have absolutely valued and enjoyed. My overwhelming emotion as I contemplate retirement is gratitude.

 The four different positions i have held during my time at TIGS have allowed me insight into the miraculous journey that is education from age 3 to age 18;  from babies to adults. What a privilege it has been to interview and enroll a Prep or Kindergarten student and then shake their hand at graduation. To navigate the delights and occasional discouragements of parenthood with families and to support teachers as they work hard for student growth and success.

 The commitment to our students and our School from every member of the School’s staff team is evident every day, as is the fact that for us, TIGS is not “just a job”.  In response to this commitment, our School has again been blessed to have supportive and positive relationships with parents. I know that the staff are very aware of this and appreciate the confidence and trust that you have placed in us. I want to encourage you to give our incoming Principal your full support as she takes our School into its next season and I thank you for the care you have shown me.

 Our Council are passionate about our School and the impact we can have in the Illawarra. They donate enormous amounts of time to oversee the governance at TIGS and also to support and guide our future success. I am very thankful for our Council and I urge the School community to recognize and appreciate the expertise, time and effort they voluntarily give to ensure that your School is great.

 My 18 years at TIGS have covered every emotion possible, absolute joy, terrible sadness and tragedy, difficult decisions around strategy and finances and great satisfaction as our School has steadied and grown. There is more to do, and I am absolutely confident that the Council, teachers and staff who love TIGS will continue to work to ensure its future success. I am very excited to be moving on to new and different things in retirement, but I am also sad to be leaving my other home and family. I will miss this place and each of you very much and I am very thankful for my time here. 

It is my sincere prayer that TIGS will continue to go “from strength to strength”.


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