A chance to connect and share

February 24, 2023  
Principal Mrs Judi Nealy

Under a glorious sky (and thankfully a gentle and cooling breeze) our parents and staff gathered for the annual TIGS Parents Cocktail Evening. What a spectacular reminder of just how special our school, our grounds and our community is. With close to 300 parents in attendance the library lawn was transformed into a humming and happy collection of TIGS community members meeting for the first time, connecting, catching up and just building and sustaining community.

This event was organised by Hannah Goodhew our Events Coordinator and Matt Field our Property Manager, both ably assisted by the Advancement and Property teams. Their effort and attention to detail ensured a wonderful time for us all – Thank you.


TIGS parents have all done their homework in identifying a school that aligns with their personal values, hopes and aspirations for their children. They have then chosen TIGS to partner with them in this important work. This choice made by each family at TIGS means our parents all have much in common. This is a blessing and also an amazing resource, as parents are connected not only through their child’s year group and friends but also also in many other ways. It was wonderful to see these connections and the strength that it brings on full display.

In my last newsletter article I emphasised the importance of Pillar Three in our new Strategic Cycle which articulates ‘Strong Connection and Care’. While learning is our core endeavour schools are not just communities of learners. Strong learning occurs for children and young people when their parents are interested, engaged and visibly supportive of their school and teachers. This means that great schools are communities of care, support and connection and this was on full display at our cocktail gathering. I look forward to the next opportunity for us to gather together.



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