A Brand New Term of Growth Together

May 6, 2022  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

Parents will know from previous newsletters that our 2022 whole School focus is GROWTH. As your children commence a new term you can again orient them with growth by discussing where they see opportunities to learn and grow. You can discuss with them what growth would look like and how they will know they have made progress in any identified area. The identified areas for growth may be personal, social, academic or holistic – or a combination of several.

  • Personal growth areas might be centred around patience, organisation, self control or courage.
  • Social goals may include establishing new friendships, resolving an outstanding issue or nurturing existing relationships.
  • Academic goals could be subject specific (eg read more complex books or improve in economics) or more general (eg. stay on track with my study schedule or listen more carefully to instructions)
  • Holistic goals – might focus on trying a new co curricular activity, sport or hobby.

Schools are all about growth, but we can enhance strong growth potential by approaching the new term of learning with curiosity.

“I wonder what it would be like to get better/more confident in…”

“I wonder what I would have to change or do for success?”

Then we need to actually set small achievable goals and know what success looks like. This will be an ongoing conversation for all TIGS students and families for the remainder of the year ahead and I encourage you to start the conversation with your children as Term II commences.


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