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March 12, 2021  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

I’m sure that, like me, many parents will have been reading the recent news stories regarding behaviours of students in Sydney schools and the role of consent with profound dismay and deep, deep concern for our young people. At TIGS, we want each of our students to be well-informed and wise as they develop as young adults with a strong understanding of Christian values and their application in the modern world. As just one part of this, we are working to continually hone and structure our Year 7 to Year 12 Wellbeing programmes to ensure that students are provided with clear, well-organised lessons that aim to speak into this area and equip them with the knowledge and understanding they will need as young adults. We will continue to work in this area throughout 2021 to ensure our programmes are responsive and effective in achieving their aims

Over the coming months the well-regarded and highly recommended YourChoicez will be visiting TIGS to speak to Year 9 and Year 10.

For parents, some of these issues may be difficult to broach. The following resources may be of assistance: 

What Young People Need to Know About Consent

An article posted by Curtin University Research Fellow Jacqueline Hendriks may be helpful for parents: 

A Conversation on Consent

This video dealing with consent and sexual assault has been prepared for parents and features Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. The video includes tips on how to initiate a conversation with your children on matters related to consent.

Should you have any concerns regarding any of these issues please do get in touch.

Nick Hackett – Head of Senior School


2020 – Year 10 Personal Project Success

Despite 2020 being a year where most things needed to be stripped back or postponed, TIGS Personal Projects (PP) continued to engage students and give them a unique opportunity to explore an area of deep interest to each individual. The 2020 Personal Projects were a great success and for so many of our Year 10 students provided a welcome opportunity to focus on a passion rather than the pandemic. Here’s what a couple of our students had to say:

Elizabeth Michelmore“The organisational process of creating a product and then creating a thorough report further developed my time management and organisational skills. I feel that this has set me up to assist me in achieving my full potential in Year 11 and Year 12”.

Marlene Anderson“I really loved the fact that we could work independently but when needed, we could collaborate with staff and peers. This enabled me to understand different perspectives, opinions and understandings, which developed our critical thinking and communication skills. These skills will be essential in me achieving a good HSC result”.

Congratulations to the following students who received at the highest levels. Particular commendation must go to the seven students who achieved a Grade 7, the highest grade possible.

Grade 7

  • Marlene Anderson
  • Isabella Atkinson 
  • Nicholas Chiaverini
  • Sophie Gilligan
  • Eloise Goodman
  • Harrison Ledger
  • Elizabeth Michelmore

Grade 6

  • Lachlan Boardman
  • Jessica Ellis
  • Annika Enbom
  • Enuri Gamage
  • Liam Harvey
  • Benjamin Jones 
  • Kiarna McIllwraith
  • Nadia Nagaratnam
  • Jessica Quilter-Jones
  • Katelyn Spicknall

Darren Gardener – Dean of Year 11 Students


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