Year 9 experiment with food biomes

May 27, 2022  
HSIE Teacher - Mr Dardanelli

As part of the Year 9 Geography course, students learn about food biomes and the sustainable practices of food production. Students were involved in an experiment where they were given the opportunity to try meat and plant based alternative food products. Staff prepared an early morning BBQ where the students had to rate a range of food items based on a number of factors such as taste, texture and environmental impact.

The impact of food production has come to the forefront this year as unseasonal and inclement weather has impacted domestic production and there are significant impacts on the global supply chain. Students analysed the impact humans have on biomes in an effort to produce food and increase agricultural yields. They examined population trends and projections from Australia and across the world and forecast future food supply-and-demand issues. Challenges to food production were explored and management strategies to effectively sustain food production were investigated.


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