Year 8 Science – Guest Speaker

March 17, 2023  
Mrs Kerri Baird - Head of Science

Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Mark Murrie, a distinguished environmental scientist to our school as a guest speaker to address our Year 8 Science students. Mr Murrie is an expert in environmental remediation with extensive experience in remediating industrial sites. His visit was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about the importance of natural resources, the impact that some of our fossil fuels can have on the planet and some environmental remediation processes. We are grateful to Mr. Murrie for sharing his expertise and passion with us, and we hope to continue to appreciate the work of people in the resource industry.


Below are some of the reflections from our Year 8 students on Mr Murrie’s presentation:

“Today we learnt about the environmental impacts that fossil fuels have and how they are handled from a business perspective. Mr Murrie kept us interested throughout the talk as he was always telling us lots of new facts.” – Jack Cleary

“Today we learned about how resources are used, worked with, and how sustainable they are. Mr Murrie showed us examples of oil plants that he has worked at and how they are used and monitored while teaching us how sustainable they are for the environment. This perfectly reflected our subject and was very informative on how Australia uses its resources.” – Isabelle Phelan

“The guest speaker explained his job as an environmental scientist and talked about how he works on Australia’s oil plants, and some of the risks in oil and how oil is pumped out of the earth.” – Maggie Mison

Today the speaker gave an eye-opening speech about the world’s resources. As a year group we were told about the Earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources. During the talk we were all given very interesting information about how we get and use all of our earth’s resources. – Owen Vardy


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