Year 7’s Learning with fire

February 11, 2022  

This week our Year 7 students achieved a Science milestone, lighting their first Bunsen burner!

Mrs Neal took the class through one of the basic fundamentals of Science; observation. Their experiment involved heating and cooling metal, observing the visual changes, recording them and analysing the results. 

These are some of the students’ thoughts:

“The Bunsen burner experiment was intriguing and fun. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of Science” Arwen

“The Bunsen burner is a fun Science tool” Nash


 “Lighting the Bunsen burner was really fun and we learned a lot”Henry


“Lighting the Bunsen burner was an enlightening experience for me and Mrs Neal made it so enjoyable” Avni 


This forms one of the critical first steps in Science education. Students learn the importance of observations in experimentation, and the importance of process, documentation, analysis and lab safety. They also receive hands-on experience in the fun and practical side of Science, as Mrs Neal says “there’s nothing quite like the look of excitement on their faces when the experiments start”. 



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