Year 10 Service Learning with the Salvation Army

May 19, 2023  
Mrs Jean Burton

For the Red Shield Appeal Launch on Tuesday 9 May, Year 10 students, Eleanor Middleton, Sydney Parker, Annabelle Sheargold and Char Wall, along with Mrs Burton attended the Salvation Army Service Learning session in Wollongong.

When we first arrived we were introduced to the history of the charity and learned through interactive activities and stories for a couple of hours. A simulation activity showed us how quickly someone’s life could change and how  inequality and poverty impact many people. We heard many stories from those working at the Salvation Army and it was very inspiring to hear how they had helped people to overcome many obstacles.

Annie noted: “this experience has put everything into perspective and made me realise how fortunate I am and how many people are in need of help in Australia alone.” We were able to pitch in and help by decorating a number of bags and sorting food into them so that they could be distributed to those in need. As Sydney said: “It was great to be able to give back to the community and provide to those who were struggling.” Lastly, we learnt about how we can help out. We now hope that we can host a fundraiser event such as a bake sale or a food drive to give back to the Salvation Army. Overall it was a great day of learning and helping others.”

Char noted “We ended the day with a prayer and the students were given socks and biscuits which definitely put a smile on our faces! Overall it was a great experience and definitely something I would recommend for other students. I really enjoyed myself and will be looking to help more in providing support to those in the Salvation Army support network.”


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