Who’s Going to Win It?

July 30, 2021  

House rivalry has taken hold once again, as the inaugural “House km Challenge” gets into full swing during Week 2. With vital points up for grabs in the race for the Shell Shield we hope that your Olympic heroes are inspiring you to walk, run, ride, skate or scoot your way to glory (and maybe win yourself a Rebel Sport voucher on the way). 

With the opportunity for the whole family to be involved, parents can join in too and bump up the chances of your House taking home the prize. All you need to do is log your exercise with an activity tracker like Strava and upload a screenshot of your results to the Google form. It’s as simple as that. 

The long hours spent in front of a screen can be both mentally and physically draining, while we dont think many of you will need much encouragement to jump up and head outside, we also know the TIGS community loves a challenge and loves to see their House WIN! 

So which House will triumph: Aranda, Coligan, Kogara or Wolgal? Your hard work decides and it’s not too late to make a contribution! The Challenge has now been extended, so get out and clock up those km’s! 

Add your results here 

You can download Strava here


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