Wellbeing at our core

October 27, 2023  

The wellbeing of our community continues to be at the heart of all that we do and this term will continue to be a focus.

Our K-12 Wellbeing COMPASS project has allowed a whole school approach to ensuring positive wellbeing for every member of our community. Our school psychologists, external experts and use of evidence based practices in our classrooms continues to make certain that our students are provided with the knowledge and support they need.

Our UR Strong programme continues to provide an excellent foundation in which to understand healthy relationships, and the recent exploration of Smiling Minds has allowed students to be more aware of their own wellbeing and ways to promote this. These programmes are providing important knowledge and skills that translate to our playgrounds and beyond the school gates.

Our students feel safe, are closely observed and responded to if and when concerns arise. This proactive approach ensures that students are well equipped to navigate the typical wobbles they will experience in their lives, with a team of dedicated experts ready to provide additional support if and when needed.




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