Welcome to the Junior School Village!

February 18, 2021  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Welcome to 2021!  It is so nice to see you in person at our parent events. A special welcome to our many new students and families. You’ve joined a fabulous community.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’  – African Proverb.  

It certainly does and our village has missed our parents.  Please keep your eye out for our parent events which will provide you with further insight and opportunities to join the fun in the Junior School. We are so looking forward to having you back on campus to connect, share and to utilise the expertise we have in our community. 

Our Kindergarten students are settling into School life so well. 

The annual Watermelon Day marked the first day of school, with delicious watermelon being enjoyed by all throughout the Junior School.

The recent Parent Information Evenings outlined the excellent plans for the year ahead. Our focus on personalisation through the launch of our ‘Personalised Pathways’ were highlighted and explained demonstrating our consistent approach and commitment to individualised learning opportunities throughout the Junior School. Our goals continue to be to confidently understand our students, to develop programmes that are responsive, adaptive and meaningful, ensuring that they are engaging and target the learning needs and to invite students and staff to engage in the conversation for future planning.

We are energised by the innovative teaching, programmes and practice that is taking place and beyond thrilled with our students progress as a result. There are a number of Parent Information events planned to occur later in the term including:

  •   MAP Parent Report Familiarisation Sessions
  •   Literacy and Numeracy Evening for Kindergarten to Year 2 Parents
  •    Primary Year Programme (PYP) Self Study Engagement Session

Dates will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

Canteen Purchases

Please be reminded to monitor your child’s purchases at the Canteen. The excitement of the return to school had many students visiting the canteen to purchase multiple treats. Students must not purchase items for other students and siblings in Kindergarten. We have a number of students with serious health conditions and purchases, whilst generous, have caused unnecessary concern.  Thank you for your understanding.

UOW Learning labs

UOW Learning Labs are scheduled for the April 2021 holiday period. These workshops are designed as enrichment for high achieving students from Year 1 to Year 6, and as such, are pitched at approximately two years above your child’s grade level.

If your child has attended a Learning Lab before, you should have already received notification about the workshops on offer.

If you are considering your child participating in one of these workshops and would like assistance regarding their suitability please contact the Junior School Office on 42200 250 or via email to [email protected]. We will provide nomination letters to support your child’s UOW application if they meet the criteria based on their academic performance at school.

Venue: University of Wollongong (Wollongong campus only)

Applications close: Wednesday 3 March 2021


Judgement Day


A Celebration Of Creativity