Update on School Photos

February 1, 2024  

Please find below information relating to the 2024 School Photographs:

  • Junior School – Wednesday 14 February 2024
  • Senior School – Friday 9 February 2024
  • Sibling Photographs – Wednesday 14 February 2024

Please note that Pre-Prep and Prep photographs and their sibling photographs will be taken later in the year.

Students are reminded that they are to wear their full summer school uniform, including blazer. Details are listed below.

Online orders can be placed at www.advancedlife.com.au using the Code GJL T18 HJ8.

If students have PE practical on the day, they are to bring their sport uniform with them to change into for the lesson.

If you have any further questions, please contact Advancedlife via email www.advancedlife.com.au/contact or Lisa Dent on [email protected].


Hair Styles

  • Hair is to be clean and tidy.  Long hair must be tied tightly.
  • Hairstyles must be conservative and natural in colour. Bold styles are not permitted.
  • This includes: hair that has noticeably been coloured, lines that have been cut in with a razor, undercuts, dreadlocks/braids, mullet-style cuts.
  • If you are not sure what is acceptable check with the School beforehand.
  • The School reserves the right to instruct any student to conform to hair regulations.


  • Hair is to be cut above the collar, not covering eyes and off the ears.
  • Hair is not be shaved (it should be no shorter than a number 3 clipper).
  • Hair is not to be tied back in a bun.
  • Face must be clean-shaven.
  • Side burns should not be extreme, and should be neatly trimmed.


  • Girls are to have their long hair tied up, neatly off the face, with a School coloured ribbon or scrunchie, as supplied by the Uniform Shop.
  • Dresses must sit at or below the knee.
  • Junior School students can wear white ankle socks.


  • Must be trimmed, natural and no lacquer of any kind.


  • Jewellery, nail polish or makeup must not be worn by any student.
  • If a female student has pierced ears, then the smallest most plain ‘stud’ or ‘sleeper’ earring may be worn, one in each lobe only.
  • No visible tattoos or body piercing.


  • Firm black leather lace-up and to be clean and polished at all times.  They are to have a flat sole, and no more than 2cm heel.  (Joggers or skate shoes in black are not acceptable).


  • Blazers are to be worn (Years 3 – 12)

Senior School Uniform Update


Introducing New Staff