Update from The Arts

September 1, 2023  
Mr Brody Toombs - Head of The Arts

It has been a busy term in The Arts that has been underpinned yet again with outstanding student application and achievement.


One of the things that has been missing from our curriculum programme over the last few years due to COVID-19 has been exposure to live music.

Dhani Jones says:

“There is nothing better than live music. It’s raw energy, and raw energy feeds the soul.”

We are incredibly excited to be taking the entirety of Year 7 to a performance of Beauty and the Beast in Sydney in just a couple of weeks, and later in Term IV taking the Stage 5 elective courses to a performance of Wicked. There is nothing more inspirational than seeing professionals connect with their craft and create musical moments for an audience and we hope that it sparks wonder in each of our students that attend.


Just last week we celebrated the completion of Year 12 Bodies of Work in ‘The Works’ Exhibition. This exhibition showcases what has been a year long undertaking by students in Drama, Visual Arts, Industrial Technology, Design and Technology, Music and Society and Culture. What an outstanding achievement for our students to apply themselves to the consistent development and refinement of a project. Beyond this though, it is the final phase in their learning continuum.

Each event they have participated in, project they have developed, word written in their books has been equipping them with the skills to undertake such a project. While this may be one of the final pieces of the puzzle of the Higher School Certificate, it is the first piece of a creative approach to life after school.

In a world which is screaming for creative and collaborative problem solvers (across many industries) we as teachers are proud to have contributed to the development of these skills. Thanks must go to each staff member and Year 12 teacher that has assisted and guided these students through the process and helped put the exhibition together. Putting an exhibition up such as this takes bucketloads of planning and logistics, which was executed flawlessly by the wonderful Arts, TAS, IT and Event Support teams. Well done Year 12, and we wish you all the best for what lies ahead.


The School Production is a process that never stops. Since the completion of The Sound of Music in Term II, The Arts team have been working hard to plan and secure the rights to our 2024 show. Students and the community should keep their ears to the ground for an announcement towards the end of Term III.


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