TIGS Sony Camp

November 11, 2022  

In his TED talk “The perks of being a pirate” Tom Nash talks about “problems that most people aren’t faced with” and goes on to describe the challenge he faced of stepping up a kerb after his quadruple limb amputation. 

In a world that is dominated by and designed for fully abled people, it can be difficult to fully understand how something as simple as a kerb or a door handle can drastically affect quality of life for people living with disability. 

The TIGS Sony Camp brings together students from our school and children living with disabilities in the Illawarra for a fun weekend of respite care. A collaborative effort between TIGS, The Disability Trust and the Sony Foundation, with generous funding from the TIGS Foundation Taj Mahal Event, the Sony Camp is a unique experience for young people to form new friendships and learn from each other by sharing their stories and experiences. 

Through attending the camp, TIGS students are able to broaden their perspective and learn about how everyday life can be very different for others, and that there are many small things that can make a big difference. 

Madita Anderson – Year 11 reflected on her experience, “I loved TIGS Sony Camp so much, it was a great experience and I gained a lot of patience and love for everyone on that camp. My buddy on this camp was Breanna, she always wanted someone to hang out with and I sometimes struggled to keep up with everything she was doing, especially her food experiments at every meal time, but Bree was such a lovely person and I will never forget her. 

Another camper that I absolutely adored was Griff. He was one of the best human beings I have ever met. He didn’t talk very often, but when he did he put a smile on everyone’s face around him.” 

The first day of camp is held at Jamberoo Action Park, followed by two days at Berry Sport and Recreation Centre. Attendees participate in Archery, Canoeing, a disco night, damper cooking and a visit from the Berry Firefighters. 

Chanel Agas – Year 11 said, “My experience at TIGS Sony Camp exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning the high energy and enthusiasm from all the students and Disability Trust kids created a warm and exciting environment. 

Sony Camp is an experience I would recommend to any student. It teaches you about support, patience and gratefulness. I was very proud of myself and my peers for the supportive network that everyone had adopted during the weekend. I believe that some of these skills will heavily influence the people we become in the future.” 



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