The World of Maths

August 4, 2023  
Mr Andrew Tome - Head of Mathematics

In Week 1 of Term III our Year 7 students participated in the World of Maths interactive workshop. The purpose of this initiative is to expose students to Mathematics using practical contexts and hands-on activities. It was a delight to see the maturity in which students interacted with each other and the activities.

Students of all abilities were able to achieve success, through teamwork and using problem solving skills like discussion, observation, investigation, reflection, explanation, trial and error, logic, looking for patterns, being creative, following a process and the evaluation of results. For two hours, the IGC was a hive of authentic learning activity. Our students relished the chance to ‘get stuck in’ and literally used their hands to work through problems and puzzles that involved algebra, number, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability. Much fun was had by all students and it was wonderful to see them enjoying mathematics in a practical setting!


The World of Maths promotes learning and positivity towards the study of mathematics. It provides those who already value our subject with the opportunity to put their knowledge and understanding to the test while we are always encouraged to see students develop an appreciation for mathematics through immersing themselves in problems solving.

The World of Maths presenter made a point of commenting on how engaged and well behaved our students were, which is a credit to them but of no surprise. Year 7 should be commended for the way the conducted themselves and for seizing the learning opportunity ‘by the horns’, so to speak – excellent work team!


Thankyou to the Mathematics prefects Guoqin Ding, Sameer Sarohi, Chaena Lee and Loren Yusuf for attending and, interacting with and supporting our Year 7 students.



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