The goals for our year of leadership

October 29, 2021  
Senior School Captaincy Team - Katelyn Spicknall, Harrison Ledger, Annika Enbom and Liam Harvey

The 2021-2022 Captaincy Team has a variety of goals, proposals and initiatives which we believe will greatly benefit our community. Ultimately, we plan to elevate the standard of leadership to a broader scale, where the challenges of tomorrow represent the opportunities of today. While we must also be pragmatic and prudent, we are excited at the genuine opportunity to work with our peers, teachers and community stakeholders for progress and growth. We aim to inspire our prefects to be highly active in their respective roles delivering their own ideas.

We hope to drive The Illawarra Student Leadership Conference in 2022. We would like to host a one-day event bringing together the student leaders of schools from all around the Illawarra to discuss a distinctive community issue and develop suitable actions. This event would foster conversation and discussion between different institutions hopefully allowing us to learn and grow from our varying ideas. We would also ideally host several local leaders, public servants and regional figures, who could bring their experience and values.

Another key opportunity and goal we hope to drive is The Academic Guidance and Tutoring Service. This initiative would see Year 11-12 students who wish to complete community service be able to volunteer as tutors on study help afternoons. Specifically supporting and guiding younger students, as well as assisting teachers. Not only will this alleviate pressure for our Math, Science, English and Humanities Prefects, but it will also develop inter-year relationships and contribute to a stronger, more connected community. We would also like to introduce a Textbook Credit Scheme to promote a more environmentally friendly model to reduce waste and reduce schooling costs.

We are honored to have been given this opportunity to lead our community; and we strive to embody the values our School upholds. While we have numerous smaller goals, these major ambitions reflect our vision for our time in these roles; strengthening student optimism, raising the standard of leadership for years to come, and making a discernible difference for the community we all greatly value.


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What we have learnt in our year of leadership