The Future and Impact of Sport

December 3, 2021  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

Last term I shared the exciting news that Mr Jay Tregonning had been appointed as the Head Coach of the Australian Women’s Rugby team, the Wallaroos. It has been a long term goal of Mr Tregonning to coach a national team at this level and we all were very excited for him as he shared this fantastic news. Mr Tregonning has stepped down from his Director of Sport role and will remain with us at TIGS as a PDHPE teacher and concurrently undertake this part time coaching role. I am sure that our entire community will develop a new passionate interest in the Women’s Rugby team as we barrack for the team and their coach in the coming season!

I am very pleased to announce that our new Head of Sport K – 12  is Mr Adrian Deck. Mr Deck has great plans for our already thriving sport programme and I look forward to seeing these evolve and become reality for our School. Here are a few questions Mr Deck considered in the interview process and his responses:

What do you love about Sport?

I love the way that sport both reveals and builds character. When we are pushed in high-stress and intense situations that come about through sport, it reveals aspects of our character that we may not have known were there. We are then able to reflect on what was revealed and grow and develop those aspects that need adjusting, thus providing the opportunity to be better versions of ourselves. I also love the way that sport brings people together for a common purpose. Many lifelong friendships are formed through the bonds formed by sport.

Finish this sentence “Sport at TIGS exists to…. “

….build our school community. Sport is such a community activity, bringing people together for a common purpose.

….allow students of all abilities to experience the joy of physical activity and teamwork. 

…..give an opportunity for our students who love sport (or a particular sport) to pursue their goals as far as they can and provide a platform for them to do so.

….develop lifelong skills and character in all of our students, such as teamwork, collaboration, resilience, persistence, discipline, goal setting, humility, how to deal with disappointment, how to deal with success.

“and so the Head of Sport must….”

provide opportunities to experience the enjoyment that comes from physical activity and teamwork in an environment that is supportive and inclusive of students of all backgrounds and abilities. The Head of Sport strengthens our culture that recognises the importance of sport in building community and developing character. The Head of Sport must also provide our high performance athletes opportunities and a platform to pursue their sporting goals and dreams.

What opportunities do you see in the whole school oversight of sport?

The K-12 approach allows connection between our older and younger students at the school and provides a smooth transition from Junior School to Senior School. We already embed this whole school approach into many activities, including the Junior School carnivals when our Year 9 and Year 10 elective sport students come and assist with the running of the carnivals. I’m looking forward to exploring new ways that we can further embed this whole school approach into our regular sporting program.

How can this role influence success for TIGS, Individual success and healthy lifestyles for students?

Our Sports programme provides a platform, opportunities and the appropriate support for our student athletes to reach their goals. At the same time we develop a love of sport and physical activity in all students, regardless of ability. This is a significant strength at our School.

How does our sport programme contribute to Student learning outcomes for all students?

Academic students who participate in regular sport and physical activity achieve better academic outcomes. There are many reasons for this, including the physiology of what happens to the brain following physical activity. Another reason is the discipline that athletes who train regularly learn. Students who regularly participate in sport utilise this discipline in their study and academic routine.

What are the strengths of the HOUSE system including house patrons and what opportunities do you see for our School in this area?

I believe the House system at TIGS is one of the hallmarks of what makes a TIGS education so unique. In the Senior School the House system is embedded into a student’s day, through their mentor groups, whom they meet with every morning. Because of this, House becomes a place where students gain a sense of belonging. Sport and the House system are closely connected through the major carnivals, however what makes TIGS so unique is that students have opportunities to contribute to their House in other capacities as well, including music, dance and drama. These events provide students of all ages opportunities to develop their leadership, teamwork and collaboration skills and are a fantastic opportunity for our school to come together and build community.



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