The Enjoyment of Art

May 28, 2021  

This Term, it is clear to see that the children are incredibly happy, this is observed throughout the day as their little faces light up with contagious smiles as they engage in learning and play. The children’s confidence can be seen growing each day as they engage in their daily routine. The energy positive social play demonstrates that our youngest learners feel comfortable and happy.

The educators continue to create an environment conducive to exploration, discovery and creativity to ensure that the classrooms are places where the children feel safe, noticed and cared for. If we think back to some of the uncertain faces at the start of the year, and now look at their confident personalities emerging, it really is very special. We are so proud of all of them and we look forward to continuing the journey of discovery with them.

Megan Arnet, TIGS Prep Educator

The enjoyment of Art in Prep

Art is at the very heart of much of what takes place each day in the classrooms of TIGS Prep. Children love to draw and to express themselves and their view of the world. There is also the enjoyment of sensory engagement with paints, play dough, clay, loose parts and all things that are enriching, colourful and wonderful. It is no wonder that the children often end up looking like works of art themselves after artistic exploration!

During Art, the children are invited to appreciate artworks to develop a deeper admiration and understanding of another person’s work. They are also encouraged to notice the small details that make up that art piece.

Art is communication, especially for young children. Because of their limited vocabulary, being able to make sense of the world through an artistic medium is a hands-on, enjoyable experience. Bit by bit they are able to capture, even in rudimentary form, the people, animals and places, which make up their world. In addition, once they have done this, it gives them a starting point for discussion with others, whether their peers, educators or parents.

Angela Oberhardt, TIGS Prep Educator


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