The Best Year at TIGS…

February 26, 2021  
Student Voice

Each year at TIGS, students return in excited anticipation for the coming year, with 2021 providing an opportunity for a fresh start and further growth as holistic, well-rounded learners. With Term I underway, several students have provided further insight into what is driving their enthusiasm and upcoming opportunities that will make this their best year ever!

Having transitioned into Year 3 this year, Jackson and Oliver are relishing the new sporting and co-curricular opportunities arising with their progression into their Primary years. This year, both students enjoyed their first-ever swimming carnival, which proved to be a winning experience all around- both making it to the end of the 50m pool and Jackson has won his first-ever carnival ribbon! Future House sporting events also prove to be a source of excitement, with their first Cross Country carnival coming up later this term. In the world of co-curricular ambitions, Oliver can’t wait to start learning guitar, whilst Jackson has joined the after-school cricket group, allowing both students to have fun and learn plenty in their chosen interests. But the boys eagerly wait for what they will say will be “the best thing ever!”– their first-ever school camp coming up later this year.

Joel Turner is noticing quite a few differences as he commences Year 9 because it is “a whole new stage – Stage 5.”  The subjects are focussing on relevant topics for example in History, he is learning about the Industrial Revolution. Joel sees this as relevant because the mechanisation of industry started a reliance on fossil fuels and this is an unintended problem that needs to be dealt with today and tomorrow. He is really looking forward to an assessment task where he will get to research a soldier.

Other students in Year 9  also feel excited about Year 9 being the best year ever….

“ Year 9 is a great opportunity for students to choose their electives and learn about their passions, this helps students to love their learning” –  Leyla Yusuf

“Year 9 is a great year as we can find out about what we enjoy. We can improve our learning and make new connections” Mary Ledger.

In her final year of High School, Aria Bacic-Johnston is anticipating a fantastic final year, full of challenges and new opportunities. Continuing her senior studies from last year’s pandemic, Aria has said that she is looking forward to another year of personal and academic growth, with the School’s courses and each one of her teacher’s having supported her through areas of difficulty and encouraging her strengths to help her strive for her personal best! Undertaking the role of Wolgal House Captain this year, Aria is thrilled to be attending and leading at House carnivals, with ArtsFest coming up later this term, she hopes to support her House to victory! The Year 12 Charity, the Leukaemia Foundation also provides an amazing opportunity to give back to the community with a fantastic cause that is close to many of our students’ hearts. With formal, graduation, and a year of expanding her horizons ahead, Aria is sure that this will be her best year yet!

Returning to our youngest Student Reporters for this edition, Oliver and Jackson will graduate from TIGS in the class of 2030. What are they looking forward to as you go through each BEST YEAR EVER??

Jackson is looking forward to choosing his own subjects, then “getting a job overseas may be as a firefighter and travelling the whole world.” The most exciting thing that might happen is going white water rafting when he goes camping in the Senior School and he can’t wait for that!

Oliver is looking forward to “having his own laptop, but not bringing a phone to school because you are not allowed and you might get into trouble if you use it.” Oliver also thinks History and learning about Ancient Egypt will be great.

With thanks to our roving student reporters Jackson… Oliver.. and Joel Turner, Aria Bacic-Johnston and special thanks to Aria for being the “Editor in Chief” and bringing this article together so beautifully.


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