STEM students’ sweet success

September 10, 2021  

There has never been a better or more important time to be studying STEM. Need proof? Nine of the top ten largest companies in the world are in the technology sector, eight of the top ten highest salary jobs are in STEM, and three of the world’s wealthiest men are currently spending their fortunes in an epic showdown shooting rockets into space. Safe to say that STEM students have become the rock stars of the 21st Century.  

Here at TIGS, we’ve had a few noteworthy developments in science recently.

At home learning sweetens up Science classes

Remote learning is particularly difficult in some subjects. Without access to labs and equipment our teachers have completely redesigned lessons so that they can be undertaken with everyday household items. 

Our science teachers came up with a creative approach to home learning – using sweet treats to demonstrate scientific concepts. Year 10 made DNA from lollies, and Year 7 learned about geology through layers of cake. Safe to say the aftermath was as enjoyable as the class. 


Success at the Science Olympiad

A number of students recently competed at the Science Olympiad. Nine students achieved Credit results and special mentions are due for Saksham Sirohi and Isabel O’Brien who achieved Distinction results, and Samarth Sirohi whose exceptional effort earned a High Distinction. Congratulations to you all! 


Year 6 Virtual Exhibition


Lockdown weekly challenge winner