Stage 3 Camp

November 24, 2023  

Stage 3 students recently had an amazing time at Deer Park as part of their Stage 3 Camp. The weather was kind to us this year and students loved all the water sports. The food was a huge hit with students, as were the many exciting activities. Some favourites included the waterslide, sailing and abseiling. Another highlight was Mr Agnew dropping his sunglasses off the dock and having to fish them out again. 

“Camp was awesome and the activities were productive and challenging” – Juliet Bernie 6A

“I loved the breakfast. The big day out and archery was the best. The desserts were amazing too” – Flynn 6S

“Camp was so much fun. I was too scared to do abseiling but I overcame my fear!” – Laura 6P

“The activities were the BEST! Abseiling was my favourite” – Chris 5Y

“I loved the waterslide, pool rafting and abseiling” – Mili 5Y

“Camp was really fun and the activities were awesome!” – Arjun 5C


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