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February 17, 2023  
Ms Natasha Hutchins - Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

Ms Natasha Hutchins – Acting Deputy Head of Junior School

Tell us a little about your job? 

I am the Director of Life and Learning acting in the role of Deputy Head of Junior School for Karen Wallace whilst she is on long service leave. Within the Junior School, these roles involve being a leader of learning, overseeing curriculum, ensuring the care of our students, staff and community, engaging with families, celebrating our Christian life of our school and organisational aspects of the day to day running of school.

How long have you worked at TIGS?

I joined TIGS in 2015 on returning to Australia from Singapore. I had spent almost two decades abroad as a teacher and administrator in a wide variety of schools and countries. Joining this team has been a blessing and another unique and valuable learning experience for me.

What is the best part of your day? 

Morning duty for Kindy on our Play Lawn. Our Kindergarters are one of our most curious and enthusiastic explorers with insights and exclamations that always bring a smile to my day. In my eyes, the experience represents a living timeline of our school community and a weekly reminder of how I value being woven into fabric of TIGS. As I continue over the years, to greet our five year old’s on those early mornings, I often look over to see our former Kindergarten students, all grown up, walking past as they head up to their Senior School classes. It is a joy to see them smile, wave or call out, “Hi, Miss!” In the very same way, our parents and staff always take the time to check in as they move by too. Even our resident kookaburra perched up high in the tree can be heard greeting everyone into the day.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given? 

Find the good.

What are you reading now?

I am reading the new NSW K-6 Syllabus and a variety of articles and educational books. I am a proud reader of non-fiction. I enjoy reading to gain knowledge, to better understand or to learn something new. However, I do feel that the art of storytelling is highly underrated and I particularly love listening to an engaging and entertaining yarn.


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