Senior School Prefect and Captains induction ceremony

November 5, 2021  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

We believe that giving genuine responsibility to our students and developing their leadership skills not only benefit the individual but make the school stronger as a whole. We see the results every day both in their class performance and in the culture that it builds within year groups. A culture of resilience and support where our students have the agency and ability to effect change. 

Wednesday afternoon saw our 2022 leadership team complete the Prefect and Captains induction ceremony, accepting their badges and swearing the oath of office. While the ceremony was much different to normal, it was an exciting moment as the first event undertaken on campus since the end of remote learning. 

In the words of Principal Nealy, it was heartening to see the eyes, if not the smiles, of so many students in person. Over the next 12 months their actions and decisions will shape and influence the student body and the school, creating a legacy for those who follow.  

Our new leaders have expressed some of their goals and ambitions for the year ahead in promoting the areas of sustainability and inclusivity within the School community, we look forward to working with them in realising these goals. 


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