Senior School News: Term II & Year 10 Updates

April 10, 2024  
Mr Nick Hackett - Head of Senior School

Term II

At the start of next term we will be welcoming two new additions to the Senior School teaching staff: Mr Stephen Franklin, a familiar face to many, will be returning to join our TAS team; and Ms Olivia Bannon will be joining our Maths Department. We will be making some minor changes to some students’ timetables during the holiday. These changes may involve a change of teacher and/or some changes to rooms. Students are encouraged to check their timetables on OLLE ahead of the new term commencing.

Term II will commence on Monday 29 April, Week B. All students should present in their Winter Uniform, except for Year 8 who will have their extended PE practical lesson during Mentor and Period 3 on this day. Please support the School in ensuring your son or daughter makes a strong start to the new term through being well organised – in regard to bringing all they need to support their learning in class, and well presented with respect to hair style/length, jewellery and so forth.

Term II promises to be another busy term with lots of opportunities for families to connect with and support the School community. Some key dates for your diary:

  • Saturday 18 May – The Great Fete
  • Friday 31 May – Year 12 Trivia Night (All funds to Women Illawarra)
  • Thursday 20 June to Saturday 22 June – Senior School Musical Production: Strictly Ballroom

Find a full list of upcoming events for parents here.

Year 10 FORMAL

In 2024, the Year 10 Formal will occur at the end of Term III, Friday 27 September. This will provide students with an opportunity to mark their progression towards their Stage 6 learning, as well as their increasing seniority among the student community.

Year 10 Careers

On 7 May, the Illawarra Careers Expo is being held at the Illawarra Sports Stadium in Berkeley. From the Expo website: “The 2024 Illawarra Careers Expo has provided school-to-work education, training links, industry knowledge, and expert advice for tens of thousands of students over the past 40 years”. If you’d like to attend with your son/ daughter, the Expo is open to the public on the afternoon of Tuesday 7 May, from 2:30pm until 5:30pm, allowing students to visit after school. Further information can be found in the flyer below and here.


On 25 and 26 November, all Year 10 students will attend a two-day seminar during the School day with a focus on preparation for applications to university and the workplace. During the event, which will be held at The Illawarra Grammar School, students will have opportunities to hear from experienced HR professionals, learn about interview strategies and how to make a strong impression during an interview. On Day 2, students will have an opportunity to apply their learning through a mock interview with an opportunity to receive feedback on their strengths as well as some areas for improvement.


We are currently in the process of appointing our industry experts and panel members to support the event. If you, or a member of your family, have experience in interviewing or HR-related matters, and would like to be involved, I’d be very grateful to hear from you.


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