Praise and Gratitude

August 14, 2020  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

Praise is a great way to start the day. Each day, my morning prayers start with a word of thanks to God for this day. On good days, with blue skies and the promise of restful or invigorating activities ahead, this prayer is an easy one to pray from a heart that is grateful. On other days, when the skies may be leaden and the cold wind hustles me to my car early on a dark winter’s morning, it may take just a little more effort to identify the things that I am grateful for in the day that lies ahead. But it’s only ever a hesitation; there is so much that we can be thankful for, and I have found that bringing these gratitudes to God each morning is a discipline that serves me well throughout the day.

This week I have been looking for opportunities to praise individual students. I have had quick meetings with a number of students to tell them that I am proud of them, that I am grateful for their efforts or to share in their successes. This morning I had the pleasure of congratulating a Year 9 student, Jasmine, who has built up quite a reputation through her love of reading. She is a prodigious book reviewer, maintains a vibrant and popular blog and has been a Youth Ambassador for the MS Readathon initiative for several years.

Being able to celebrate and share in the successes and passions of our students is something I am truly grateful for every day, come rain or shine!


We are aiming towards providing relief and protection to the wellbeing of various groups within the local community during the current pandemic. We are currently looking at manufacturing masks for homeless shelters to use and distribute to ensure that the vulnerable can be protected from COVID-19.

We plan to manufacture these masks through a co-curricular activity during lunch and potentially after school. With guidance from Ms Chapple, our design teacher, who has templates for masks and will generously take the time to teach us how to make the masks, we hope also for sewing to continue at home for students who have the ability. Manufacturing masks at TIGS will also enable participating students to contribute to the community whilst most community service avenues are inaccessible during this time.

We would appreciate any donations of material and/or thin elastic from TIGS community. Half a metre will make six masks, so if anyone has offcuts they could bring in — we have a donation box in the Library.  

Thank you – From Kaleb, Nicholas, and Harrison
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