Senior School Athletics Carnival

June 3, 2022  

The days leading up to the event were filled with nervous energy as the weather forecast was predicting torrential rain. Our Head of Sport, Mr Adrian Deck was adamant that the event would go ahead, rain, hail or shine.
Students and Staff were met with a dreary morning and a huge dark cloud sitting off the coast all day, but thankfully it didn’t hit us!

We were able to enjoy an incredible day of activity, sportsmanship and House spirit. It was great to see students participating in their events and equally fantastic to celebrate the day together as a Senior School community. 

Congratulations to all students who participated and placed on the day. 


The final point scores for the Athletics Carnival were:

1st – Coligan (3 352 pts)

2nd – Kogara (3 309 pts)

3rd – Aranda (2 904 pts)

4th – Wolgal (2 256 pts)


Congratulations to Coligan on a very close, but thoroughly deserved win.

The race for the Shell Shield is heating up, with only the Great Race to go next term… Who will win?

Age Champions

12 years Joe Sommerville Lucia Ding
13 years Michael Mitchell Isabelle Phelan
14 years Brody Gardiner Ashleigh Ellis
15 years Saxon Parrish Zoe McClatchie
16 years Christian Vujic Georgie Spirkoski-Lancaster
17 years Junho Cho Alissa Tonkin
18 years William Carroll Jessica Quilter-Jones




Little voices make a big impression


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