Resources to Support Online Safety

June 20, 2024  
Mrs Naomi Sullivan - Head of Academic and Pastoral Care

Supporting young people to stay safe online requires continual input from the School as well as parents and carers. The office of the eSafety Commissioner, provides a range of resources for educators and parents to support online safety. These resources have been curated to assist families in managing the challenging territory of technology use.
The following information is available on the eSafety website:
Support for families
Parents and carers, technology can impact your child’s wellbeing and safety. eSafety is here to help your family thrive online. At eSafety you can find:
About eSafety
The eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) educates Australians about online safety risks and help available to remove harmful content such as cyberbullying of children and young people, adult cyber abuse, image-based abuse and illegal and restricted content. Learn more about how eSafety helps Australians be safer online at eSafety.gov.au.

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