RACI Crystal Growing Competition

February 18, 2022  
Mrs Kerri Baird - Head of Science

The aim of the RACI Crystal growing competition was to grow the best single crystal over a period of 3 to 6 weeks during Term II. Crystals were grown by individual students and teams. Crystals were judged on shape and clarity first, then on size. I am pleased to announce our students achieved some exceptional results that are listed below.

While class time was allocated in 2021 to help start growing the crystals, it did require lunchtime commitment by students. Congratulations on your efforts, and special thanks to Mr Gollan and Mrs Stagni for their efforts in helping our students with the growth of their crystals.

I hope to see even more students try their hand at growing crystals this year. Listen to assembly and keep an eye on OLLE news if you would like to learn the science secrets behind growing your own crystals, or send an email to Mrs Baird now if you are interested.

2021 Finalist


  • Saxon Parrish
  • Tom I’Ons
  • Riya Bahl
  • James Murray
  • Emmanuel O’Brien
  • Nate Gardiner


  1. Charlotte I’Ons, Claire Spicknall, Ava Santos, Jocey Ayers, Scarlett Ford
  2. Tayla Tregonning, Annabelle Sheargold, Isabella Perri
  3. Alexander Mumford, Matthew Murray, Callum Perrins
  4. Elizabeth Hoskins, Elyssa Maarbani, Allegra Field


2021 Highly Commended


  • Parrie Mizori


  1. Isabella Carswell , Grace Russo, Yasmin Matar
  2. Alex Birch, Nelle-May Makowski, Lexi Mitchell, Rhea Boga
  3.  Austin Miao, Angkit Jeyachandran
  4. Joel Turner, Samarth Sirohi
  5.  Saksham Sirohi, Mackenzie Pead, Keiran Reveley

2021 Third Place

  • Sophie Gilligan
  •  Liam Harvey
  •  Ryan Jinks
  •  Amogh Rao

 2021 Second Place

  • Austin Miao
  • Angkit Jeyachandran

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