The End of An Unexpected Term II

June 19, 2020  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

This week I am a little bit sad because at the time this newsletter would be arriving in your inbox, we would be about to watch a performance of our scheduled production ‘The Little Mermaid’. I know that many of our students are very disappointed at this loss and I share their disappointment. The shared undertaking of such a large scale project is truly a remarkable community-building opportunity. I observe this in action with absolute delight each year and then I continue to observe the supportive connections that reverberate around campus. It has been a loss to not be able to experience this unique element of the School’s annual calendar experience.

I cannot fault however our fantastic staff for the innovative ways they have found alternate opportunities for connection and community. The In-House Challenges have been a great success with fantastic engagement and entries by our students and staff. At next week’s virtual assembly we will watch a presentation of the many submissions and this will be a great time of community even though we are not physically in the same room.

This week I am watching the ‘Chorus On-Line’¬†gain momentum as students and staff record their version of ‘Stand by Me’.¬† I have recorded my submission and am looking forward to seeing the combined finished result. I have no doubt it will be spectacular.

Second-Hand Uniform Shop

Our Second-Hand Uniform Shop is run by the P&F and has been overseen by Jenny Evans for more than two years. Jenny is handing the baton on to Serena Gilligan and I want to thank both Jenny for her service to our community and Serena for taking on this volunteer role. Outfitting our children in uniforms can be an expensive exercise and this week I had a peek in the lost property areas in both the Junior and Senior Schools. What I saw is enough to make my mother’s heart (and wallet) cry! I’m including photos to inspire families to use the holiday time and label every item that comes to school so we can return lost property to the rightful owner. Another resource that has been shared with me is a second-hand uniform and textbook website, Sustainable School Shop. I am informed that it has many TIGS uniforms and textbooks for sale on it. This may complement our Second Hand Uniform Shop for parents seeking replacement items.



At the beginning of this term, I suggested that we were about to embark on a term quite different to any that we had experienced before and suggested that we would be challenged in new ways. This has turned out to be very true. However, the opportunities that challenge brings are discovery, support, care and growth. I have observed all of these and much more from our students and our staff. I am very proud of the way our community has not only risen to the challenge but flourished. I do wish each member of our community a safe, restful and uneventful term break and I look forward to welcoming you all back on to campus next term.


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