P&F Parent Contact Lists

March 27, 2024  
Mrs Sophie Taggart - P&F Deputy President

The TIGS P&F now collects contact information from TIGS parents (Prep to Year 12) to create contact lists for each year group, as a way to foster better connections among parents.

This is an opt-in offer designed to facilitate easier communication among parents within your child’s year group. Your information will only be shared with other parents in your children’s respective year groups and the P&F executive.

Please complete this form here by 12 April 2024, to be included in the initial list. We will distribute the contact lists only to those who have opted in. The data collection form will continue to be available on our OLLE page, and you can update your information at any time by submitting the form again. New parents can also fill out the form at any time to be added to the class list.

We aim to provide updated class lists semi-annually to parents who have provided their details.

stay up to date and connect with us

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tigspandf

OLLE: Home/TIGS School Life/P&F or https://olle.tigs.nsw.edu.au/homepage/11801

Upcoming events: Next P&F Meeting 3 April 2024, Great Fete 18 May 2024. Event list available here: https://www.trybooking.com/eventlist/tigspandf


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