NASSA Champions!

March 12, 2021  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

A clean sweep in the pool with both the Junior and Senior School returning from the NASSA Swimming Carnivals at Homebush Olympic pool victorious!

 Congratulations to all of our competitors who competed with incredible skill, spirit and encouragement.  You all were simply wonderful and I was thrilled to witness first hand the support of each other but also for competitors from other schools. A huge thank you to Mr Tregonning, Mrs Dribbus, Mr McIlwraith, Mrs Lowe, Mr Edgerton and Ms Worthington for their effort and support over two very late nights with our swimmers.

Congratulations to these outstanding Senior School Swimmers!

Jamie De Lutiis – 1st place in the 16-year Girls Age Championships, 1st place in the Swimmer of the meet standings and broke Emma McKeon’s (TIGS Alumna and Olympian) record in winning the 100m Freestyle

Nate Gardiner – 2nd place in the 12-year-old boys Age Championships

Claire Spicknal – 1st place in the 14-year-old girls Age Championships

William MacKay – 2nd place in the 14-year-old boys Age Championships

Ella McIlwraith – 2nd place in the 15-year-old girls Age Championships

Riley Baird – 3rd place in the 15-year-old boys Age Championships

Eva Katkjaer – 1st place in the 17-year-old girls Age Championships

Nicholas Chiaverini – 3rd place in the 17-year-old boys Age Championships

Aria Bacic-Johnston – 1st place in the 18-year-old Girls Age Championships

Congratulations to the following Junior School students: 

Alexander MacKay – Swimmer of the Meet and Age Champion for 12-year-old Boys

Tahlie Oxman – Age Champion for 12-year-old Girls

Joshua Mumford – Third Place Age Champion for under 11-year-old Boys

Sophia Johnson – Third place Age Champion for under 11-year-old Girls

Lia Leung – Third place Age Champion for under 10-year-old Girls

TIGS Open Day – a great reminder of all that is TIGS

This week, we have had the pleasure of meeting new families as they consider the right School for their children. Central to this experience is providing prospective parents insight into our normal school routines and most importantly to allow them to hear from our students. Our students are impressive, they demonstrate in real-time the positive impact of a TIGS education.  I am always encouraged as I move around campus and engage with TIGS students from Prep right up to our Year 12 students. They are positive, socially competent, respectful, articulate and connected.

This is reflective of our Intentional and explicit Wellbeing Programme influenced by positive psychology and restorative justice. We think about and plan for the education of the whole people at TIGS.  

Excellence is a core commitment for every member of our school community with rigour as a key component. We define rigour and personal excellence as being possible for every student when we have High care, High expectations and High effort 

This approach is applied to all areas of school life and endeavour and as a result, we have high performing students in sport, the arts, and service activity as well as academically. We regularly celebrate effort and persistence as well as an achievement as a community.

Our School values are founded in Christian belief and behaviour and demonstrated by our inclusive and diverse community, an emphasis on relationships, stewardship and inclusion, the value of the individual as well as the promotion of community and belonging. The importance of effort, persistence and personal excellence is also founded in our enduring School values. All of these values in action create, in partnership with parents, the TIGS graduate. That is; young men and women who know and value themselves, who are able to have positive relationships with others, who are competent and therefore confident and who are articulate, values-driven and connected. Young people who are equipped to go out into the world to make a difference.
We have the pleasure of seeing and teaching these young people every day – what a delight!  It is easy to become accustomed and take for granted our very privileged situation. Planning our Open Day this year has provided a wonderful opportunity to be reminded of just how extraordinary our school is – especially the people who come each day to work and learn together. After a disrupted and unusual 2020, it is spectacular to have parents and other visitors returning to campus and to be able to share with you all that is wonderful about our great School.



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