MS Readathon Champions and Safe Connections

August 21, 2020  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Safe Connections

There are many considerations that have had to take place and these have altered our usual Junior School happenings. Whilst initially it has been unfortunate, we have discovered the blessings that this opportunity has afforded us. We have creatively found opportunities to connect in safe ways. Our usual whole Junior School Assemblies and Chapels are now taking place in a modified way, as a grade, outside on the amphitheatre. Our short 15-minute connections are allowing our students to celebrate their learning with each other, listen to a message, pray together and acknowledge our award winners for the week. This time together is encouraging our students to get to know each other across the day and contribute in the small group setting.

Congratulations to our MS Readathon champions

We are so fortunate to have such generous and caring students. This year we acknowledge the efforts of students at TIGS who have worked hard to raise money for the MS Readathon, a very important cause for our school. There are currently eight students, across our school, who have raised over $1500 so far. Junior School students Aahan from Year 6 ($900), Taj from Year 5, Elise from Year 3 and Serena from Year 1, alongside Senior School students Jasmine, Sarvani, and Inaaya are working hard to read as many books as possible. We are very proud of you all.
If you would like to donate to our cause please click below.


Carline End-of-Day | COVID-19 latest requirements

The latest COVID-19 advice requires students to remain with their cohort for all learning activities within their school in order to limit close contacts to the relevant student cohort. From Monday Week 6, our end-of-day, carline procedures will adopt our ‘wet weather’ procedures, where students will be dismissed from classrooms. Please note, to reduce the cross-group contact we will continue to follow the current end of day timings:

• Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 will be available for collection from 3:00pm
• Students in Year 3 to Year 6 will be available for collection from 3:15pm
• Families who have siblings across the school are asked to collect their children from 3:15pm. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 will be supervised in their classrooms
• Students who are uncollected by 3:40pm will be escorted to PEAK, to be supervised until collection
• Families arriving in the carline between 3:00pm and 3:15pm who do not have children in Kindergarten to Year 2 will be asked to exit the car line and return at 3:15pm.

Drink bottles – Please ensure that your child has a labelled drink bottle each day, as the bubbler is not accessible currently.


Bottle Rockets, New Captains and ‘The Works’


The Language of Friendship