Moments and Memories

April 29, 2021  
Head of Senior School - Mr Nick Hackett

There is a quote, popularly attributed to Dr Seuss, that says “you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. This week our Year 8 students attended their annual Camp. For five days they braved everything the outdoors had to throw at them (and some chilly night temperatures to boot!), as they shared experiences of climbing, bushwalking and canoeing together. The good times experienced at TIGS Camps often feature prominently among students’ favourite memories of school for years to come.

Similarly, the hair-raising effects of the Van de Graaff generator have provided standout memories of school Science lessons for the better part of a century. Last week, Year 8 students enjoyed getting to grips with it for themselves as they investigated the effects of static electricity.

– Nick Hackett, Head of Senior School

This week Mrs Toland, Dean of Year 12 students, offers her reflections on the memories being created by our Year 12 students:
It is said time moves more quickly the older one becomes. I would have to agree that the first two terms of Year 12 have flown by since we began our last year of schooling in October last year. As well as their commitment to the rigours of their final HSC year, this wonderful group of students have embraced school life enthusiastically as they seek to create lasting memories of their experiences at TIGS: at the Term 1 Swimming Carnival, many sought to bring a refreshing streamlined approach to the medley relay apparel, and who could forget the unveiling of previously hidden vocal talents as Year 12 made a strong contribution to the Artsfest competition? Michael Bublé might sway with ease but has nothing on Ahmad, Xavier or Tom and whilst J Lo is known for busting a few moves, she will never out-shimmy Sarah, Anoushka, Hugo and Ella on the dancefloor.

Week 9 of Term 1 was a crescendo of activity for Year 12; we started the week with our last ever Parent-Teacher interviews and finished with the Cross-Country Carnival. During this wonderful event, Year 12 students ran, barbequed, ate, sang, supported and raised funds for this year’s charity – The Leukaemia Foundation – with typical energy and enthusiasm.

As the new term kicked off last week, Year 12 were responsible for the inaugural ‘Music on The Grass’ event on Friday afternoon, proudly supported by the Arts Faculty. Again, their focus was on raising funds for their charity through building community. The School and Vice Captains were generously supported by their peers and staff of the school. Many thanks to all those who also came along to support this event. The next significant event on the calendar will be the Year 12 Charity Evening (Friday 28 May) where again, the combined efforts of Year 12 will be on show. We look forward to seeing you there.

– Mrs Katrina Toland – Dean Year 12

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