The Australian Science Olympiad

November 18, 2022  
Mrs Kerri Baird - Head of Science

The Australian Science Olympiads provide rewarding opportunities for students to extend themselves through challenging exams, stimulating extension, enrichment programs and international competitions. Special mention must go to Aubrey Koll – Year 7, Zahra Freeman – Year 7 and Rhys Chieng – Year 8, who sat the same Junior Olympiad exam as Year 9 and Year 10 students, and despite being examined on content that may not have been covered in class they  achieved credit awards.

Congratulations to all students who participated and gave it their best.

Zahra Freeman – Year 7

I attempted the Olympiad because I thought it would be a good way to extend my science knowledge and test the knowledge I already had. I like the practical parts of science like testing a hypothesis and understanding where concepts and formulas come from. I see myself having a future in a science-related area because I feel that every career is moving toward having parts of it based on STEM activities and learning.

Rhys Chieng – Year 8

I participated in the Junior Science Olympiad as a way to assess my overall understanding of science. The Science Olympiad has a reputation of providing a challenge to students due to it testing every area of one’s science knowledge. The fact that the School provides this opportunity to us students is great, as it gave me an incentive to push myself. I think the Science Olympiad was an eye-opener for me as it revealed the holes in certain aspects of my knowledge. I would encourage all students to take part in the Olympiad, even if it’s not your favourite subject. I love how logical science is. The step by step process that it teaches us is very applicable to everyday life. I enjoy biology specifically as it gives an insight into how all living things work and function. I think that science is a large part of the jobs I want to pursue in the future. I think the great thing with science is that it is a form of universal communication and in turn will follow me around throughout my life.


Alexis Evans – Year 9

I attempted the Science Olympiad because I was encouraged to do so by my teacher. I decided to give it a shot and even though I did prepare by doing some of the previous years exams, I still found the test to be very challenging. There was some content I had not learned yet, since it assessed both Year 9 and Year 10 course work. I did by best to use what I did know to work out as much of it as possible. I found some parts of the test to be enjoyable, but some of the more difficult questions left me stumped, so I wasn’t sure what my result would be like. I like how science explains the phenomena that we see in the world every day. Science always has a purpose and it’s always applicable to the world around us. It’s a very challenging subject, but it’s also very interesting. Science makes sense because it’s not something that can have multiple different answers, it explains everything that exists, and anything that doesn’t make sense is just what humanity doesn’t know yet and hasn’t discovered. For the moment, I don’t know what I’ll do after school. I’m considering a few different options for careers that involve sciences, such as physics in engineering or architecture.


Sameer Saroha – Year 11

I thought attempting the Science Olympiad examination would be helpful as I wanted to practice more unique questions for my preliminary examinations. I love that science explains everything around us in mathematical, numerical values. It helps us see the world from a more analytical perspective. I see science as applicable and present in all aspects of life and believe that it is integral to any career in many ways.


This year we had many students sit the exams achieving some of our strongest results ever. The following students achieved credit and distinction awards and are to be congratulated on achieving such impressive results in a very difficult and challenging exam.


Junior Science Olympiad Results


Saksham Sirohi – Year 9

Alexis Evans – Year 9

Tania Kalsi – Year 10

Jiarong Lyu – Year 10



Aubrey Koll – Year 7

Zahra Freeman – Year 7

Rhys Chieng – Year 8

Toby Jinks – Year 9

Mackenzie Pead – Year 9

Ting-Ting Cook – Year 9

Amelie Hampton – Year 9

Saxon Parrish – Year 9

Kai Svensen – Year 10

Biology Olympiad Results


Isabel O’Brien – Year 11

Physics Olympiad Results


Sameer Saroha – Year 11

Chemistry Olympiad Results


Loren Yusuf – Year 11


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