Making connections beyond our classrooms

May 27, 2022  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

A special welcome to the new students that have joined our Junior School, we are so happy to have you in our community.  

It has been a busy time in the Junior School as we jump back into the events and activities that our learning programme offers. Our students have relished the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom and have visited local areas to further extend their knowledge and understanding of their Units of Inquiry (UOI). We thank the many parents who have attended these too.

These are some excursions highlights as described by our Junior School students.

Kindergarten – Shoalhaven Zoo Excursion

UOI: Sharing The Planet

Central Idea: Living things are unique and changes in the environment can affect them.

“Yesterday we went to the zoo on a big bus. First we had morning recess and I loved the bunny and I had fun” Dianca Wise (KA)

“At the zoo I had fun with my friends. I liked patting the bunnies, they were soft”. Yitong Liu (KC)

“The best part of our trip to the zoo was seeing the white peacock.” Severine Matchett (KC)


Year 1 – Symbio Wildlife Park Excursion

UOI: How The World Works

Central Idea: Science helps us understand the world around us. 

Year 1 students are learning about the features of living things, part of the world around us, and how living things connect to energy, for example how they get energy from the sun or the food they eat.

Year 1 had a wonderful time at Symbio Wildlife park on Friday 29 April. We enjoyed an uncommonly sunny day, and we think that’s why all the animals were out and about! We enjoyed getting up close and personal with all sorts of creatures including a blue tongue lizard, a baby python, kangaroos and goats. Some highlights included seeing a Tasmanian devil run around it’s enclosure (a rare treat apparently!), trying to keep cheeky goats eating whole animal food bags (wrapper and all), and discovering that kangaroos hop!


Year 2 – Wollongong Foreshore and Blue Mile Excursion

UOI: How We Organise Ourselves

Central Idea: Our connection to places is part of who we are.

​​”The bus dropped Year 2 off at North Wollongong Beach. Looking across the harbour at a little light house, we saw how long the walk was. That is one billion steps away we thought! Not long into our walk, we began to learn about the history of the Blue Mile. We were walking on Wollongong’s old Tram Tracks, which were used to carry coal from the escarpment to Wollongong Harbour. After about 45 minutes of walking, we finally reached the Breakwater Lighthouse. From here, a bus picked us up and dropped us off for a nice picnic at Stuart Park. After this, we walked to Puckey’s Estate. This was our favourite part as we hiked through the bushes to an old Salt Mill. The mill would separate salt and water from the ocean and was very important for trading in Wollongong in the past.”

By Nissi Adu-Amponsah and Nikhil Mathiazhagan (Year 2)

Year 4 – Japan Foundation Excursion

UOI: Who We Are

Central Idea: We commemorate and celebrate significant local and global events.

On Tuesday 10 May, Year 4 visited the Japan Foundation in Sydney. The Japan Foundation is an organisation that promotes cultural awareness and understanding through programs and events.

During our visit, we wore traditional Japanese clothing called ‘Yukata’ and learnt Japanese compliments such as ‘Kawaii (cute) and Kakkoii (cool). We also learnt a typical Japanese dance called ‘Bon-odori’. Another highlight of our day was the visit to Daiso, a popular Japanese store. 

Some of the highlights from the day were dressing in the Yukata which was cosy and warm and shopping at Daiso. 

By Harrison Head and Ananya Rao (Year 4)


Year 5 – Taiko Experience

UOI: Who We Are

Central Idea: Many factors influence our learning.

Year 5 had a fabulous experience exploring the Japanese Taiko drums during their Unit of Inquiry: Who we are. This opportunity allowed students to delve into Japanese culture and explore music concepts, developing an understanding of how many factors influence our learning as individuals. Students had opportunities to learn how to play this unique instrument and develop an appreciation for the Taiko drums and the role they play in Japanese culture.

Year 6 – Canberra Excursion

UOI: How We Organise Ourselves

Central Idea: Governmental systems influence the lives of citizens.

“My favourite part of our Canberra experience was Parliament House. This is because we got to visit the House of Representatives and the Senate. While in the two chambers we learned all about the history and the two parties. I also enjoyed seeing the tapestry in the Great Hall”

By Ethan Tierney (Year 6)

“Going to Canberra was an amazing experience. We got to go to The National Electoral Education Centre to learn about how preferential voting works and we got to watch a holographic video about the history of Australian democracy. We also got taken on a tour through Parliament House as well as doing a roleplay of a debate in parliament to help us understand how they work. At the end of the tour we got to look at a giant mural and a model of Parliament which was made of lego by Ryan McNaught (Brickman!) We also got to see the Old Parliament House and the original speaker’s chair with Australia’s first coat of arms on it. As a treat we were allowed to see a previous Prime Minister’s office! To learn more about science and sport we got taken to Questacon and AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) just to top it all off. This is definitely my favourite excursion in Junior School!”

By Kalika Bugg (Year 6)

Community Connections: Celebrations of Learning and Music Concerts

Thank you for joining us for our Celebrations of Learning and music concerts. The opportunity for our students to perform and share their learning with an audience allows them to consolidate their understanding and showcase the progress that they have made. We hope that you have enjoyed the opportunity to visit the classrooms and engage with your children.




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