Let The Conversations Continue Face-To-Face

March 19, 2021  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

We are excited to have you back on the Junior School campus, it has been a long wait and we are looking forward to many conversations in person as the term continues.

At the Parent Information Evening at the commencement of the year, Mrs Wallace and I presented how TIGS Junior School is using the formative assessment tool, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), to measure and track your child’s progress in Mathematics.  

As part of our commitment to a strong school-home partnership, we have shared this information with you. Thank you for attending the Parent Information Zoom sessions, Interpreting the MAP Report’. We hope that you found the information sessions informative and helpful.  If you have any further questions about your child’s report specifically, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher. For general MAP report queries, don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Karen Wallace or myself.

Learning Conversations

Our Junior School Parent Teacher Interviews will take place across Week 8 and will be an opportunity to discuss your child’s transition this year. These will take place onsite and booking information has been sent through separately. Enjoy the chance to speak to your child’s classroom teacher and the chance to do this face to face.

Fabulous Opportunities in the Junior School

Our Year 6 students had a wonderful time in Canberra on their recent excursion. Rich learning took place and our students are now making brilliant connections in our classrooms.  Please enjoy poetry our Year 6 students created reflecting their deep understanding. We thank our Year 6 teachers, Mrs Carswell, Mrs Stanis and Mrs Segar, Mr Yeo and Mr Robinson for ensuring an excellent excursion filled with fabulous opportunities and memories.

Explore Kindergarten Day 

The first of our four Explore Kindergarten sessions took place on Thursday 18 March. These sessions are for parents who are looking for an outstanding education for their child and we would love your assistance in helping promote our programme. If you have any friends or family members considering joining our Junior School for Kindergarten we would love to see them at our next Explore Kindergarten Day. More booking information can be found below.

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