Lego Robotics

June 17, 2022  

Co-Curricular activities give students opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Our Lego Robotics Club brings together computer programming and design in a fun and interactive way. With guidance and supervision, students design, build and program their own battle robot. Once completed, they put their robots to the test in the arena and see whose design will survive being pushed out of the ring. 

Johanna Hernandez (Year 7) said the classes were “challenging but fun”. Computer programming can be tricky, and when student’s robots don’t behave as expected they need to dive deep into their critical thinking skills to investigate the reason and improve their programming for the next battle. With an extensive range of design possibilities (Johanna’s robot had “cool pointy bits”) and different moves they can program in, students have an endless supply of options to try in their robot battles.   


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