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June 19, 2020  
Director of TIGS Prep - Mrs Taesha Duley-Smith

Even though the winter winds have started to rear their chilly heads, the children have kept warm over the past week with interesting and thought-provoking activities based on our Term II provocations. They have taken part in a host of new experiences including journeying to space, patterns, discovering dinosaurs, animals and plants, visiting far off countries, learning about Australia and exploring ecosystems in our very own backyard!

The children have welcomed new friends and learnt the importance of caring for ourselves and one another. They have enjoyed a range of activities that have seen them face new challenges and experiment with new ideas and concepts. As a result, we are observing the children growing in confidence and self- esteem as they tackle new tasks and show a real willingness to engage with others.

At each of the different stages of the Prep programme, the children are extending their knowledge, skills and understanding. Fundamental to this is slowly increasing independence, autonomy, confidence and skills. These form the foundations for learning, they are constantly maintaining and developing relationships and building knowledge and skills.

The changes we have made as a result of COVID-19 have required the children to further develop their all-important independence skills. They have smoothly waved goodbye to their parents at the TIGS Prep gate and successfully carried and unpacked their bag each morning, taking responsibility for their own belongings. For many children, this independence has been a large learning curve and they have felt a huge sense of pride in their newfound responsibility. They have continued to approach learning experiences with curiosity and enthusiasm, attempting to try things first before asking for help and creating and maintaining friendships as they play and learn. These are huge milestones. Think of how far they will have come by the end of the year.

Our young children continue to show us the way, as they live their lives in the present, enjoying simple pleasures and meaningful relationships.


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