Leadership Announcements & Academic Policies

May 10, 2024  
Mr Chris Breheny - Head of Academics

I am delighted to announce some exciting developments in our Senior School academic leadership team that promise to enhance our academic provisions.

Ms Kate Johns is the school’s new Head of Languages. Since commencing at The Illawarra Grammar School at the start of this year, Ms Johns’s passion for language education has been highly invigorating for our Languages program, and she brings an exciting vision for the future of Languages at The Illawarra Grammar School which will enrich the learning experiences of our students.

Mrs Shao-Ping Yeh is the school’s new Dean of International Students. Her dedication to fostering inclusivity and cultural exchange will ensure that, under her guidance and leadership, our international students will continue to thrive and feel supported as they traverse the academic, social, cultural and spiritual experiences afforded by our school.

We also welcome Mr Tynan Williams to our team as the new Head of Biblical Studies. With his deep understanding of theological studies and commitment to nurturing spiritual growth, Mr Williams will play a vital role in guiding our students through their exploration of faith and biblical teachings.

Academic Policies

I would like to take this opportunity to remind students, parents and guardians to familiarise themselves with our school’s Assessment and Academic Integrity policies. These policies are designed to uphold the highest standards of academic honesty and ensure fairness and transparency in our assessment provisions.

These policies are accessible to parents and students once logged into OLLE by clicking on Senior School Policies and Procedures tile on the Senior School OLLE homepage.


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