Launch Issue of ‘The Lens’

February 25, 2022  

Dr John Gollan from our Science department has been busy with an exciting new project. Collecting some of the outstanding student work undertaken in 2021, he has worked with our students to create “The Lens – A Journal of TIGS Science”. 

A message from Dr Gollan:

“It is with great pleasure to present the first volume of ‘The Lens’, a selection of works from our 2021 Science students. Staff and students work collaboratively every year to produce meaningful Science, and we are proud that we can communicate that work to you in this magazine.

Last year, we were also fortunate enough to engage with experts in the wider community, namely Mr James Hegarty (Australian Steel Mill Services), Dr Vipul Agarwal (UNSW) and Dr Emanuela Brusadelli (UoW). These people are acknowledged for the time and knowledge that they shared with our students.

In Science at The Illawarra Grammar School, we aim to provide the foundational knowledge and skills for those who will become the biologists, chemists, physicists, ecologists, engineers, and technicians of the future. Society is faced with many challenges in our world today and given the quality of work that is demonstrated here, we are confident that our students will play a key part in tackling these challenges.

We are sure you will enjoy this collection of works as much as we have enjoyed producing it. Click here to read our first edition of ‘The Lens’.”


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