Junior School student leaders

February 17, 2023  
Mrs Lennea Grace - Coordinator of Life and Learning (Infants)

Student leadership plays an important role across the School, however the positions hold an extra importance in the Junior School where our Year 6 students are preparing for the transition to Senior School. They are taking on responsibility, developing their sense of agency and learning about how an individual can make an impact. Student leaders form an important part of the School’s strong peer network, where students encourage and empower each other to achieve their full potential. Leadership positions are an exciting opportunity, and we look forward to seeing what ideas and changes these student leaders bring in the year ahead.   

Congratulations to:

School Captains

Elias Ainbinder Satne and Emily Clark

Vice Captains:

Harry Coates and Josophine Huda


Alby Churven and Madeleine MacKay


Elliot Phelan and Laura Hernandez


Chloe Greenhalgh and Flynn Bottele


Elise Cordaro and Jackson Karanfilovski

Student Identified:

Felicity De La Fuente, Victor Tang, Kikki Leith, Xavier Knight, Zia Harper, Jesse Woods, Shreya Mehan and Mihir Aurangabadkar.


School Captains and Vice-Captains

House Captains

Student Identified Captains



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