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March 4, 2022  
Head of Junior School - Ms Geneva Clayton

Welcome Back!

We’ve had a great start to the year!  It’s hard to believe that we are almost half way through the term.  As we continue to enjoy the new adjustments we thank you for your diligence and support in keeping our community safe and well. 

I look forward to meeting with the Parents and Friends representatives from each grade at 10.00am on Tuesday 8 March. This will be an opportunity to share ideas.  As restrictions continue to reduce, we look forward to planning more parent events that can take place onsite where we can have more conversations, in person, to continue to improve the wonderful happenings in the Junior School.


Introducing the Year 6 2022 Student Identified Captains

The Student Identified Captains hold unique roles in the Junior School leadership team. These roles are generated by the Year 6 Captains and are based on areas that they identify as important and needed in the Junior School. Our Leadership training day provided the opportunity to confirm the nature and responsibility of each role and how they would address needs within our School. I am pleased to confirm the Student Identified Captains and their new roles in 2022:

Digital Citizenship Captains: Austin Mitchell and Matilda Vermey

Responsible for ensuring that our technology is serving the needs of our School and for promoting digital citizenship to our students and Junior School community.

Community Spirit Captains: Thomas Tarrant and Sienna Cleveland

Responsible for promoting opportunities to build our Junior School TIGS community through developing and implementing community based initiatives, including fundraising.

Student Wellbeing Captains: Arya Patil and Chelsea Bessell

Responsible for promoting strong wellbeing to our students and Junior School community. Assisting students to build resilience and positive self image as well as developing strategies to support our students in the playground and classrooms.

Creative Captains: Leo Kalsi and Rithanya Jeyachandran 

Responsible for promoting the Creative Arts as an inclusive area that allows expression, connection and celebration. Responsible for encouraging students to explore and share their gifts and talents.

Our Student Identified Captains have introduced their new roles to our Junior School students during our assembly this week. We look forward to their contributions to our School this year.


Kindergarten Buddies

A highlight this week was the opportunity for our Kindergarten students to meet their Year 5 buddies in person. This special responsibility and relationship is something that our Year 5 students very much look forward to. Our Kindergarten students adore their Year 5 buddies and look forward to the many experiences that they will have together.

Outstanding Student Achievement! ICAS Medal Winners 2021

Kalika Bugg – Year 6 – Science

Josephine Huda – Year 5 – Spelling

It is with great pleasure to announce that this year, two students have been awarded ICAS medals for their outstanding results in the 2021 ICAS competition. Both Kalika and Josephine received the highest score in NSW/ACT which is an incredible achievement.  

The ICAS competition (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) is designed to recognise academic excellence, students are assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts, using higher order thinking and problem solving. We are incredibly proud of all of our students’ results and look forward to the opportunity to congratulate all participating students in our upcoming assemblies.


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