Junior School Co-curricular and Wellbeing

November 10, 2023  
Mrs Lennea Grace - Acting Director of Life and Learning

The wellbeing of our students is paramount in the Junior School. We have many purposefully selected co-curricular groups to foster our students’ interests, knowledge and skills. The finger knitting club is always a favourite as it provides a calm and creative space for students to attend during lunchtime. Many students share that they enjoy the quiet relaxing space with friends.

The students enjoy challenging their peers to a friendly game of chess at lunch time. This fun and thought provoking game not only develops their cognitive skills but also supports in developing social aspects, such as taking turns, learning fair play, self-respect and respect for others, understanding others’ perspectives, and developing empathy. As research demonstrates these are important social and emotional skills for every child to develop to support their wellbeing.

Another fun and creative club includes the Chapel singers. It is a wonderful way to connect with others across the grades whilst learning new songs to lead in our weekly Junior School assemblies and Chapel.

This term there is a new exciting club for our students called Environmental Sustainability Club. We have some very keen parents who are working closely with some of our teachers to launch this new club.


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