International Women’s Day Student Brunch

March 9, 2023  
Mrs Jean Burton - Dean of Senior Students

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Year 11 students Laura Ellis and Eve Norton were honoured to attend the BlueScope International Women in Business Brunch to learn from and connect with inspiring female leaders from various industries. The speakers were Lauren Blasi, an Automation Engineer from BlueScope, Alexandra Blake, the Co-founder and Director of Soul Fit in Woonona and Georgia Lewis, a Legal Officer with the Australian Attorney General’s Department.

Our students had the chance to listen to these inspiring women and were able to individually ask questions and gain valuable advice.

A key takeaway point for Laura was that: “We as women tend to undersell our skills and qualifications especially when applying for opportunities or considering employment. We often think we need to fit 100% of the criteria, compared to men who will see a criteria that fits them and apply for the job based on that one descriptor, so as scary as rejection can be, it’s essential to your development in the workplace and expanding your qualifications.” 

Eve noted that “Women tend to get imposter syndrome in the workplace; they see themselves taking a different pathway to their colleagues (especially male ones) and then doubt themselves – undervaluing themselves and their skills.” 

Another significant theme discussed was the importance of celebrating and supporting other women, especially in our communities and workplaces. Often women  can develop competitive relations with one another when actually it is more beneficial to encourage each other and support their abilities. 

Being assertive and having confidence in the workplace are great skills to have as women; it’s important not to fall prey to the assumption that we should either adopt or eschew certain gender stereotypes to get ahead.

Both girls agreed that it was an exciting and empowering event which will have a lasting impact on their professional and personal lives.


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