Interactive learning in Senior School HSIE

December 2, 2022  
Dr. Meagan McKenzie

Year 9 and 10 HSIE students have embraced interactive learning throughout Term IV bringing Geography and Commerce learning to life.  

Year 10 Geography investigated the impact of coastal erosion and how coastal management addresses these issues. They spent a day down at North Wollongong beach and Puckey’s Estate measuring wind speed and wave heights.

The Year 10 Commerce class researched the processes of running a small business and put this into practice by running market stalls providing donuts, spiders, waffles, brownies and popcorn for Senior School students on the Library Lawn at recess and lunch time. This was an enormous effort by the Commerce students as they had to budget and estimate the demand for their products, resulting in a very successful day where they raised $579.50 for the Year 12 charity, ‘Forever Projects’.

Year 9 Geography investigated the impact of farming on specific biomes and how the demand by consumers for perfect produce leads to incredible food wastage. They all bought in a banana as an example of the standardised sizing of consumables and then used these bananas to make scrumptious banana chocolate chip muffins and banana milkshakes. 


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