How do you manage screen time in the digital age?

March 24, 2022  
Principal - Mrs Judi Nealy

Jean Twenge claims that “smartphones have destroyed a generation”, while Andy Przybylski’s research shows eating potatos or wearing glasses are just as damaging to adolescent wellbeing as screen time.  

So what’s the truth? And how do we manage screens in the digital age? 

Dr Justin Coulston is a respected and recognised expert in wellbeing, parenting and happy families. His recent article “The Screen Issue” can be accessed in full here and provides an easy to read look at both sides of the screen time debate. The core of his article is that we need moderation and communication, and that the best approach is to:

  • Find ways to use screens in positive ways for connection, creation, and consumption
  • Balance screen use with other wholesome activities 
  • Minimise risks associated with screen use

While every child and family is different, throughout the School we consistently hear of parents facing similar challenges to one another. Through sharing knowledge, experience and resources we can support each other as a community.   

I look forward to sharing resources like this with our families throughout the year.




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